Pembroke Police Chief Richard Wall along with Town Clerk Margaret Struzik swear in three officers to their new positions.
Lieutenant Wendy LaPierre, Sergeant Ryan Botto, and Sergeant Sean Ready will be very busy according to the Chief and will probably be assigned to late night shifts.
Last evening Pembroke Police promoted three officers. For the ceremony, see the video to the left, but here are some extra videos from after the meeting.
Pembroke Conservation Commisssion
June 25, 2018

Pembroke Board of Selectmen 6/26/18
Town Accountant Mike Buckley presents self-insurance and some money-saving ideas to the board, former selectman Lou Stone speaks about reduced-fee trash pickup for seniors, our own Kyle Harney talks with the board about the upcoming Pembroke Celebrates Fireworks, and School Committee Chair Patrick Chilcott has strong words for the board about the budget process. All this, and much more on this week's board of selectmen.


Treasures of Our Hearts is a truly awesome local charity that runs local flea markets to raise money for people and groups who need financial assistance and according to Chairwoman Sandi McDonnell they do this without keeping any money for themselves.

These juvenile herring are starting first their trip to Cape Cod Bay from Oldham Pond. Many of the these will return to Oldham Pond several times in their lives.

June 4, 2018

Pembroke Government Meetings

Board of Selectmen

Pembroke's campaign to fight opioid abuse is explained by Police Chief Richard Wall and Concerned citizen Bob DeMarzo.   Irving OIl takes another step in the approval process for their new gas station/convenience store
at Routes 53 and 139.


Conservation Commission

The Board hears from our Town Manager Ed Thorne and Selectman Bill Boulter, also a member of the Herring Fisheries and Waterwheel Commissions.  The board needs to review their proposal; but the project has been restarted, this time with a full renovation of Herring Run Park and fishway to be paid for, in part, by a grant we just received from the state. After the park renovation discussion, we hear about Ed Thorne's plan for renovating Luddham's Ford park and the replacement of Elm Trees cut down last year without consultation of the board.  Members discuss the possibility of contamination from the many rubber mills once in the area.

Board of Health

The Pembroke Board of Health  Paper or plastic?  A group of citizens led by Andrew Sullivan discusses a possible town meeting vote to ban plastic bags in Pembroke.
Well regulation,
septic systems and livestock are all here on this week's meeting.

o Update on the status of The Fieldhouse/Wolves Den
o Update on the status of Pembroke Hospital
o Columbia Road
o Report on the Board of Health Office Activity


Memorial Day 2018

May 14, 2018 Pembroke     Government Meetings

Planning Board

This weeks meeting of the Pembroke Planning Board.  Public hearings for upcoming projects.

Board of Selectmen

Pembroke Board of Selectmen welcomed new board member John Brown and elected a new chairman, Matt Furlong.  The board then heard a proposal for an electronic billboard on Route 3.

April 30, 2018 Pembroke     Government Meetings

Board of Selectmen

Pembroke Board of Selectmen Meets With Advisory Bpoard

Town Meeting Prep

April 23, 2017 Pembroke     Government Meetings

Conservation Commission

The board discusses Cedar Tree planting and more.

Planning Board

The board remembers member Brian VanRiper who passed away last week. 

Board of Health

Board of Selectmen
The Herring are running!

Mattakeesett Garden Ciub

Rick Madden, a Pembroke Conservation Commissioner, recently gave this talk to the Mattakeesett Garden Glub about the natural resources, birds, trees, and fish. of our great town of Pembroke. He provides a lighthearted look at some very important issues.

Conservation Commission

Pembroke Conservation Commission approves a new lot of upcoming projects.

Board of Health

Pembroke Board of Health monitors a septic outbreak, and informal discussion on 8 to Educate

Pembroke Board of Selectmen

Pembroke Board of Selectmen discusses storm damage and a historic house in East Pembroke

DPW Commissioners

Pembroke DPW Board approves tree planting by Conservation Commission, hears about sealcoating and much more more.

Herring Commission Seminar on Invasive Species. 
Thanks to LakeCAM for
providing video coverage.

Summer on the

Indian Head River