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The rebirth of Pembroke Town News dot com

Our company has been in operation about a year and a half now. About 6 months ago we launched our first website. Until then, Facebook and Youtube were our only outlets. Let's just say that things did not work out well with our first plan for making a website.

Now, the site is coming to life under the hands of Pembroke Town News itself instead of some other company. The new site works pretty well, but even though it is live on the internet, there might be a quirk or two in its operaton. The main feature of the site is the stories we tell and the meeings we cover are presented in video and text , along wtih some web-only features. The next item is even more important to the company, and that is local advertising. You have seen the ads in our stories, well now local businesses are getting the opportunity to join us and show off their buisinesses to a Pembroke audience on

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