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What is Pembroke Town News?

Someone recently asked me what Pembroke Town News was all about. I had to think about that for a minute because, oddly enough, it was a question that I had not heard before. Here is the answer: Pembroke Town News is a hyper-local online source for news and entertainment designed specifically for the Pembroke viewer. It is something akin to what the “Bryantville News” was in the late 19th century into the early days of the 20th century. That is to say, we are essentially a local newspaper for the digital age. It is not reporting on international issues nor is it articles that are meant to appeal to the broad expanse of the American people. What we are is simply a more conscientious and involved source of news that effects the people we know. We are here to promote and inform a select group of folks who get to write 02359 at the end of their return address. This is our honor and our pleasure! But that is not all that we are… Yes, on our website, you can find coverage of town boards and committees. You can catch up on a wide array of activities that concern you and your neighbors and through our advertisers, you can learn of the various businesses that seek your custom here in town, but part of our business plan has always been that we seek to include everyone in town. This is a great town teaming with incredible individuals, some of whom do not have a knack for promoting their activities or their special brand of fabulousness. It is into this gap where we at PTN step in! We like to think that we as a company have a moral compass that is set to fairness and decency. And it is within those parameters that we operate. As a company, we have no political agenda and as the individuals who make up the company we only want to make Pembroke a better community in which to live. We strive to do this in an inclusive and fair-minded nature. We welcome any opinions that may differ from our personal views just as we would as if we were sitting next to someone at Town Meeting whose opinions differ from our own - with respect and with empathy. We encourage those who have strong opinions to share them via our platform. However, if you are looking to say inflammatory comments or wish to use our forum to make personal attacks on individuals or groups, we ask that you do not waste our time. There are plenty of places to be hateful-especially online. If you agree with our philosophy and want to promote your business to our ever-growing audience, let us know. We have several advertising opportunities available. We can help you showcase your business and be seen by everyone in town and beyond. Pembroke Town News is about offering our neighbors a view of our hometown that is balanced and kind and that means for all of those who call Pembroke home. Because, at the end of the day, this is really a great place in which to live and we want to celebrate what we enjoy about these ponds and trees and buildings and people, not to mention our combined history over the last three centuries. And that is what Pembroke Town News is all about.

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