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Cooking With Kenny & Kyle

In addition to a great many other businesses that I have my hand in, I also work a few days a week at New England Village. This is a community of “Special Needs” men and woman in Southeastern Massachusetts. Among these folks I met a man named Kenny Delmonte. Kenny has an encyclopedic brain and when it comes to pop culture, I can think of no other human who has more fascinating tidbits of knowledge at his fingertips. I was having a conversation with his mother one day and she had said that she felt bad that he couldn’t find a job that used all of his talents and charm.

I agreed and gave it some thought and realized that I knew a lot of people would be willingly able to assist him in his desire to hold down a regular job. I thought; Maybe we could have a cooking show! I mean I can’t cook, Kenny can’t cook, why not do a cooking show? Hence The show was born because as I like to say, “Not everyone with Special Needs wants to be a landscaper!

Watch the latest episode:

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