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A little editorial guilt trip from PTN Co-Founder, Kyle Harney

As most of you know, there is an election coming up on May 12th but getting out to your polling place and voting isn’t the only item on the menu of civic duties from which you can partake this week. Tomorrow is Pembroke Town Meeting, and this is an important one. There are a great many items that need to be decided and it is the citizens in that room that must make them. Some of the more important issues that will fall to the assembled will be an override to the town’s budget as well as the fundamental manner in which the town is run. I would guess that most of you feel that that’s pretty important stuff!

So, we at Pembroke Town News strongly urge you to attend and participate. I’ve heard numbers that hover around 20 percent of the registered voters in Pembroke attend Town Meeting. If that is true then only 20 percent of the people, make the crucial decisions that effectively shape Pembroke and the town’s future.

So, after you eat dinner get yourself over to the High School and take part in this grand civic exercise that has been happening for the 306 years. You can catch up with old friends that perhaps you haven’t seen recently and discuss your favorite potholes and the birds that you have seen in your yard. In the lobby, in addition to many familiar faces there to cheerfully check you in and hand you a copy of the warrant, there will be a table behind which folks from “Pembroke Celebrates” will enthusiastically tell you about the plans for another fantastic day of fun, games and music not to mention a spectacular fireworks display! You may even be moved to put a little cash into one of the donation jars. Those fireworks aren’t cheap, you know? Perhaps you will find that you want to help “Pembroke Celebrates” in a bigger way, helping them make the event truly shine, you may want to become one of the elite sponsors of the event. And, of course, as always, there will be the fabulous Mrs. Dodge with cookies and coffee to get you through the night with a twinkle in her eyes.

So that takes care of your Tuesday evening. What will you do on Saturday? Well the Firehouse Food Pantry is having their “Spring Fling” on the Town Green and that promises to be loads of fun. Trust me, I know these people, and nobody flings like the folks at the Firehouse Food Pantry! Then after you are all flung out you can make your way to your polling place and vote.

Yes! This election has had its share of “ups and downs” and I’m sure that a fair number of you are sick of hearing about it but the fact of the matter is that each of the men and women running for their respective offices are fine and committed individuals who genuinely care a great deal about the town of Pembroke and its citizens. Regardless of who you are supporting the important thing is the follow through. So, get out and vote thus rounding out a week decorated with festive and patriotic fun and duty. Don’t you feel better about yourselves? I know I do.

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