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Advertising on Pembroke Town News

As a business owner in Pembroke you know your customers better than anybody else. These people are our neighbors and friends. You probably know what kind of car they drive and where they like to sit at Town Meeting. You may even know which sports their kids play and what their dogs’ names are. That’s one of the best things about living in Pembroke. As you know, the people who call Pembroke home are always interested in what is going on in town, especially if it’s happening at Town Hall! That’s where “Pembroke Town News” comes in.

At PTN we strive to cover as much of what is going on at Town Hall as possible. On average we cover no fewer than 3 to 5 meetings per week (often more) and then promptly post them to the web on several online platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We also run “Special Reports” on hot topics like: “Rope Swing on Brick Kiln Lane” and the “Problem at the Pembroke Board of Health”, PTN is there and getting it all on video for our viewers to watch wherever and whenever they want. And unlike merely attending these meetings, with PTN, viewers can choose to watch certain portions of meetings rather than the entire meeting. They can also, rewind and see something that they may have missed the first time.

Since we started PTN this past Summer we have noticed a steady rise in the number of views that our webcasts get. Our Facebook page alone has a reach that is consistently climbing. Over the last 28 days our content has reached over 18,000 people. That is an increase of 409% over the previous 28-day period. People all over town are watching, and more folks are joining them every day.

In addition to the in depth coverage of our town’s committees, commissions and boards our viewers also see local businesses who effectively sponsor our coverage. These advertisements appear as a full screen graphic at the beginning of each webcast and then run periodically as a scrolling banner ad that crawls across the screen throughout the program. This kind of exposure in an excellent way to promote your business specifically to the people who may be looking for what you have to offer.

Best of all, the cost for advertising with us is significantly lower than you might think. You can purchase a “Basic ad package” with us for $100.00 per month. This includes the design of the custom designed splash page and banner ad and is run on each webcast we produce. The custom splash page and banner ad is designed for you at no additional charge! Our designer will work with you to make sure that your products or services are featured to your satisfaction. That is a pretty great deal for custom online advertising focused on the local market.

As we are a company that is just starting up, we have a fantastic opportunity for a limited number of businesses. We are calling it our “Premier Advertisers Program”. With this program a business will receive everything that is included in the “Basic ad package” but with benefits that aren’t available to other advertisers. Premier advertisers get a discount for signing up for a year, $1000.00 for a year, (effectively getting two months for free) in addition that, Premier Members will also be given the option of changing the ad (Splash page and banner ad) as often as they like. This is fantastic opportunity for businesses that might be wanting to promote a sale or an event, or for Realtors who want to feature specific open houses each week. Also Premier Members have a guaranteed place on every meeting that we run.

That’s right! By becoming a Premier member, you will be featured on every story we cover. Soon the total number of advertisers who promote their businesses with us will make it impossible to put every ad on every story we post. We foresee having to convert to a system where we must limit the number of advertisers for each webcast. For example, a business will only be able to buy space on Conservation Commission Meetings or Meetings of the Board of Selectmen.

So by getting in now with a Premier Membership you will get you more bang for your advertising buck! That’s a pretty awesome deal!

So whether you sign up for a Basic Monthly plan or a Premier Membership for 12 months, your business will be featured on PTN to an audience of interested consumers in and around Pembroke. Call Kyle Harney at 781-361-2702 to get the process of advertising with PTN started. Join other great local businesses like “Tiny & Sons Auto Glass”, “PJ the DJ” and “A Fork in the Road Deli & Catering” in reaching out to the captive audience that wants to see what you have to offer.

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